Sat, 30 Sep 2017 18:46:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Review by /www-bitcoincasino-us-review/ /www-bitcoincasino-us-review/#respond Wed, 08 Mar 2017 14:13:42 +0000 /?p=3863 has just launched, and it is already attracting quite a bit of attention as the first online bitcoin casino licensed in the United States. But does the casino live up to the hype? Read on for our in-depth review.

Extensive Selection of Games

When it comes to games, it’s tough to top the lineup put together by The casino has over 350 games on its roster, and it’s constantly bringing in new game options to keep things interesting for its players. There are some featured games, including the casino’s most popular offerings and its latest additions, on its home page. You can see more on the games page itself.

It’s easy to find the game you want thanks to the layout of the games page. There’s a search function where you can punch in the title of the game you want. The only drawback of this is that you can’t actually perform a search and see results, instead the search bar just automatically fills in possible game options based on what you’re typing. There are also several game category options, which include high limit games, jackpot games, slot games, table games, roulette and the most popular games.

Fun Gameplay

Click on any game to play it. While quality varies from game to game, especially since uses games from multiple companies, all its games tend to have high-quality sound effects and graphics. Some of the games even have cut scenes at the beginning to enhance your in-game experience, although you can also skip those if you want.

Games perform well and we didn’t notice any problems with freezing. If a game does freeze, Bitcoin Casino says that it saves the player’s position so you can jump back in right where you left off.

Large Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the areas where online casinos can reel players in, and definitely does just that with its excellent bonus offers. The welcome bonus is phenomenal, as players score bonuses on their first five deposits. If you’re not new to the casino, you also have a 30-percent everyday deposit bonus available and a 50-percent weekend deposit bonus.

Every bonus has a maximum amount of 1 bitcoin and a wagering requirement of 40 times the bonus amount. You can make a withdrawal before reaching the requirement, but you’ll do so at the forfeiture of your bonus and winnings, so it’s not recommended.

Quick Account Setup

The signup form is very brief, only requiring an email address and password, which helps you protect your anonymity. Funding your account is quick and easy as long as you already have a bitcoin wallet. Transactions go through right away and don’t have any sort of fees attached to them.


When it comes to online casinos, Bitcoin Casino ranks among the best of the best. The search function is a bit lacking and the design could be better, but in all other areas the casino is great. It has big bonuses, an excellent games selection and an easy to use setup, making it a 5-star online casino option.

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Steal Treasure from a Dragon in RTG’s New Fucanglong Slot /steal-treasure-from-a-dragon-in-rtgs-new-fucanglong-slot/ /steal-treasure-from-a-dragon-in-rtgs-new-fucanglong-slot/#respond Fri, 03 Mar 2017 06:58:08 +0000 /?p=3858 Fucanglong, the brand new slot machine game from RTG will put your bravery to the test, and give the player an opportunity to win a Dragon’s Hoard of gold.


Named for a mythical Chinese dragon, Fucanglong is a game that focuses on the title character, a greedy dragon that lives deep underground and protects its gold from brave adventures.

While we have seen dozens of games based on dragons China, Chinese history, and Chinese culture, Fucanglong offers stunning visuals, exciting new gameplay, and opportunities for big payouts.

Unlike many Chinese and Asian themed slot machines, the game doesn’t just focus on sticking in symbolism, the game focuses on a character, the treasure hunter. The game follows his quest to seek out as much treasure as possible. There is also a wily merchant character, adding into the real human feeling of this game.

It is a unique twist on more traditional games based on Chinese mythology and history. Even for a style and theme that we may have seen before, Fucanglong offers something new and exciting, whole keeping to familiar tones.

Style and graphics:

Needless to say the game is absolutely visually impressive. Every element of the game from the reels and backdrops are adorned in gold and red traditional colors of wealth in China. Every action is carefully animated and a beauty to watch. Even the relatively strip down mobile version of the game there’s still plenty going on, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

What’s more impressive is the optimization that has come from this recent RTG title. The game simply looks better and runs smoother then games that came out less than six months early on the same platform. In addition RTG seems to have bridged the gap in visual performance that their competitors have brought to the market.

The graphics complement the style wonderfully. scenes are lively and well animated, making this one of RTG’s best slot machine entries today.


Fucanglong is a five reel slot game with 4 payout symbols per reel. With 20 symbols and total there are 1024 possible pay lines and ways to win in the game.

Payouts for matching symbols left to right in any direction. If the maximum number of lines are played, each and every combination from left to right is a winner. As long as a symbol that you have in the first real appears in the second reel, it will connect. From there, if the same symbol is in the third real in any position it will also connect. This model applies all the way across all five reels.

This makes it very easy to follow whether or not or when is coming making the game all the more exciting. The player is surprised less by we’re play lines and disappointed less by circumstances that look like wins but don’t pay out.

Because there are so many ways to win volatility is a bit on the high side. The game does not give as many small wins (wins that are less than the amount of the spin), but this fits well with the treasure hunting theme of the game. Great riches always come with risk when you’re stealing from a dragon.

Bonus features and Jackpots

Big wins and lucky streets will come from the wild symbols which I’m happy to say are abundant in this game. With the ability to connect any symbol in any position on any line Wilds are all the more useful.

These Wild Spaces can also expand, filling up the entire reel. Once again this can connect every real to every other real and make for some big wins.

There are two scattered features within the game. In the Dragon Mountain scatter free spins are granted, and any retrigger will increase the payout multiplier up to a maximum of eight.

The Pearl scatter is a bit more exciting. In this mode at Hidden Pearl will have a mystery value from 3 times to 88 times the original bet value

Final word:

Fucanglong, is a visually impressive game with a very lively theme. RTG has really outdone themselves by providing an excellent experience On PC as well as on mobile. The novel features with a familiar theme make this an excellent game for new and old players alike, I highly recommend it.

Final rating: 9 out of 10

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Online Earnings Help Bottom Lines at Atlantic City Casinos /online-earnings-help-bottom-lines-at-atlantic-city-casinos/ /online-earnings-help-bottom-lines-at-atlantic-city-casinos/#respond Thu, 02 Mar 2017 19:52:20 +0000 /?p=3854 After casinos from across Atlantic City posted their earnings for the previous year, it was found that they actually increased their revenue for the first time in over a decade. While there could be a variety of factors that helped to increase gambling profits in Atlantic City, one of the biggest influences is clearly online gambling. Since a law was passed several years ago that legalized online gambling in the state of New Jersey, as well as in the states of Delaware and Nevada, there has been a significant increase in business for New Jersey-based casinos and hotels. In particular, the Borgata was able to dramatically increase its revenue by becoming a coveted destination for gamblers on the Internet.

Casinos Benefit from Online Functionality

While the Borgata is perhaps the best known for its digital successes, there are plenty of other casinos in Atlantic City that have worked just as hard to build an online audience. This year, both the Golden Nugget and Tropicano Casino and Resort were able to report increased earnings thanks to their online efforts.

Of course, much of this was predicted when the initial push for such legislation was proposed. For many Americans, being barred from gambling online seems like a strange idea, especially for a country that regularly espouses the merits of individual freedom. Luckily, as online gambling becomes increasingly accepted across the country, it appears that similar laws will begin popping up elsewhere as well. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t actually any specific law that prohibits online gambling at the federal level. Instead, it’s simply something that is left up to the individual will of each state. It’s for this reason that online gambling has been able to make progress in areas that are otherwise known for their gambling events, such as Nevada and New Jersey.

Aside from providing people with an easy route to getting their gaming fix, online casinos also provide other benefits. For those who regularly use digital currencies, an online casino can serve as an easy way to transition from one currency type to another, while still having a relaxing and enjoyable time. Of course, online casinos are also of particular value to those who otherwise can’t leave their house, or are simply too far away from the nearest casino. Just because someone doesn’t live in an area populated by casinos doesn’t mean they should be closed off from gambling events.

Digital Casinos are Saving Atlantic City

Before Atlantic City embraced digital gambling, there were serious concerns about the longevity of the city’s economic climate. The city itself was slowly dying as tourists started moving away from the area in search of places that better catered to their tastes. When New Jersey finally passed legislation allowing people to gamble online though, it allowed the city to take full advantage of the new opportunity. Clearly, from the results posted both this year and the one before that, this opportunity will likely pay off well into the future.

For comparison, several of Atlantic City’s top performing casinos saw a nearly 10% improvement in their numbers from December of this year over the December from 2015. That kind of jump is not just good news for the larger casinos, but the smaller ones as well. It’s difficult to build up that kind of audience from an existing user-base, which means a decent portion of online gamblers are those who otherwise haven’t stepped foot in a casino. As with other industries, brand exposure is always important. When people take part in gambling online, they’re more likely to try out in real life as well when the opportunity presents itself.

Given the research that has already been conducted into the matter, it would appear that many people are using their experiences from the Internet to pursue them in real life by visiting places like Atlantic City directly.

The Future

What does this mean for the future of Atlantic City? As long as the city, and the state of New Jersey, continue to embrace new technology as it develops, then it’s clear that they will always have an audience that is eager to play some games and have fun.

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Can I Play In Different Currencies In Online Casinos? /can-i-play-in-different-currencies-in-online-casinos/ /can-i-play-in-different-currencies-in-online-casinos/#respond Mon, 20 Feb 2017 22:18:44 +0000 /?p=3849 With all the online casinos that are out there, you would think that they all accept currencies of any kind, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are different currencies that are accepted in certain casinos, but some strictly stick to one particular currency, and if your country doesn’t have the currency that the website uses, you may still be allowed to play but may have to swap your money into their currency. The currency exchange in a casino can be a bit tricky because you may end up giving away money just by transferring it to the currency you need to play with.

In certain cases, you might end up getting extra money to play with, but it’s likely that you’re going to lose some of your money in the currency exchange. Many casinos can legally swap your money to a different currency, which gives them additional monies in their pocket because currency exchange is a big business. It’s always best to play in a casino that allows the currencies that you have your money in, but this is not always possible. The three main currencies that many casinos will accept is USD, GBP, and EUR.

One of the most recognized dollars is the US dollar, which is accepted and many online casinos, but there are always exceptions. If a casino is based in an international setting and uses Euros, they have no obligation to accept any other type of currency, whether Canadian dollars, US dollars, English Pounds or other forms of currency. This means that this type of casino only caters to those who have Euros available to spend, and they may not be willing to exchange your money into their own currency, which means they won’t be able to accept your business.

Many international online casinos will block players from other countries as well, which means they know they won’t be getting people who have different currencies. The casino may have no problem losing some business because they are doing well enough to only accept people from certain territories that spend the currencies that they currently use in their casino. Don’t ever join a casino without first asking about the currencies they use, their exchange rates and any fees that they charge. If you sign up for the wrong casino and cannot use your currency in the casino, then you may end up with a useless membership to that online casino.

Why Do Some Casinos Only Allow One Currency?

Certain casinos only allow one currency because the casino is only geared towards people who spend that particular currency. If you go to an online gaming site that only takes Canadian dollars, then they are more than likely a Canadian-based company that only deals with Canadian players. The same goes for those in Australia, Europe, and the USA. It’s a lot easier for an online casino to only work with one currency because it allows them to keep track of the plays that go on within the casino, which makes it easier for the players and the casino.

There are also rules and regulations that have to be adhered to if a casino is able to make currency exchanges, and it may be more of a hassle for them than they are willing to accept, so they simply accept one type of currency. If you check with the casino and they’re not able to take your currency, move on to another casino that will to accept your currency. Most casinos will readily advertise the types of currency that they accept, so you should be able to gain this information very quickly.

Don’t Be Discouraged If Your Currency Isn’t Accepted

If you’re shopping around for an online casino that takes your currency, then don’t be discouraged if you find several good casinos that won’t accept the currency you are spending. There are numerous amounts of online casinos, and a lot of them are very big casinos that take all types of currencies and have a lot to offer their customers, so they are willing to do any and everything to bring in all types of customers, including accepting different currencies.

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When I Am Gambling For Real Money, How Do I Know The Games Are Fair? /when-i-am-gambling-for-real-money-how-do-i-know-the-games-are-fair/ /when-i-am-gambling-for-real-money-how-do-i-know-the-games-are-fair/#respond Mon, 20 Feb 2017 14:17:37 +0000 /?p=3846 Online casinos are similar to regular casinos in the sense that they are heavily monitored and regulated. It is completely normal to worry about the fairness of online casinos. Casinos always come under close scrutiny because people often assume the house always wins. The house always wins in the sense that the payout rates are designed to allow the casino to cover its operating expenses. The laws regarding the regulation of online casinos usually differ by country. Specific states and regions may also create their own online gambling laws. The general regulations are usually very similar.

General Regulations and Payout Rules

A casino won’t stay in business very long if people aren’t winning any money. Casinos operate on the idea that greater thrills will lead to higher bets. This means that the games should be challenging, but the payouts should be fair. Casinos are almost always regulated by a gaming control board. This board provides oversight to make sure that casinos are not cheating their customers. There is no federal gaming control board in the United States. Individual states have boards that regulate online gaming in their region. Casinos that are thought to be operating in an unethical manner may be audited by the federal government. You should usually click the “Frequently Asked Questions” page before signing up for an online casino. The site will often tell you its payout ratio. The payout ratio will tell you how good of a deal the casino is for the player. Most online casinos that have been in business for a long time are well aware that a good payout ratio is a key to their success. You can also try playing the games using play money. The play money operates identically to real money. The software that you are using is identical in either scenario.

Governing Bodies

Casinos in the old days were much crazier because they were allowed to be. Government agencies take the fairness and security of online casinos very seriously. Licensing bodies are required to investigate companies before they issue gambling licenses. The games and systems are also regularly audited by these agencies to ensure that the games remain as fair as they are fun. Online casinos are run off of coding parameters. These parameters are set up using random number generators. Independent companies have to test and verify that these random number generators are operating in a fair manner. A spin of a slot machine should always operate on the same rules of probability. This is no different from how real slot machines operate. Live gaming software involves connecting to a separate server. This server should be secure and encrypted. This is done to make sure that games are safe from hackers. A lot of different gaming sites use the same kinds of software. This makes it easy for the governing agencies to ensure that the probabilities are functioning correctly.

Third Party Verification

Plenty of online sites offer free casino reviews. These reviews are created by both regular players and professional reviewers. The professional reviewers may be able to compare one casino against various others that he has tried. Those that are still skeptical about online casinos may want to keep in mind that they can always play live casino games against other players. A game like 21 will always be fair because one of the two players will always be the winner. Casino review sites will usually talk about the payout ratio near the end of the review. You’ll also want to evaluate the online casino’s other qualities. The site should be run off of quality software. Some companies like Microgaming make a large number of different gaming templates. These all operate on similar code. Amateur reviews may also be helpful because you’ll be able to look at a large aggregate of opinions. A site that has a lot of positive reviews should be safe to select. People who love online casinos are usually very vocal about their opinions. A professionally run site should always guarantee you that their games are fair.

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How to make money from online casino promotions /how-to-make-money-from-online-casino-promotions/ /how-to-make-money-from-online-casino-promotions/#respond Sat, 18 Feb 2017 21:18:22 +0000 /?p=3842 Most people are content to gamble for entertainment. Sitting and playing your favorite slot or table game can be a welcome retreat from the grind of the work week. However, there are a very small number of gamblers for whom the turn of the cards is their work. These professional gamblers play many different games and use many different techniques to ply their trade. But one of the things they have in common is that many of them play online.

The fish steal the bait

In the parlance of professional gamblers, an unskilled gambler who loses money over the long term is referred to as a fish. Like any good fisherman, online casinos use bait to attract their targets so that they can reel them in and hook them to their addictive product. With online casinos, this bait takes the form of casino promotions and, in particular, the sign up bonus.

The basics of sign up bonuses have been covered elsewhere. Today, we want to delve into the nuts and bolts of the strategies that professionals use to turn big bonuses into big profits. We’ll take a look at one of the most common bonus types, the sticky bonus.

Hit ’em with their own blackjack

When wagering a bonus, it’s always best to choose the game with the lowest house edge. In the case of most online casinos, this will usually be blackjack. With favorable rules, blackjack can often have a house edge of less than .5%. The difference between this and, for example, French Roulette, with its house edge of just 1.5%, may not seem like anything worth mentioning. However, today’s modern casino bonuses often have very high wagering requirements. The difference between a house edge of 1.5% and .5% can mean the difference between a profitable situation and a losing one.

Let’s say we have a sticky bonus of 100% up to $200. Let’s further say that blackjack is allowed for the wagering and that the wagering requirement is 50x the bonus amount. How should we go about playing this bonus so as to maximize our winnings? First, we should set a target amount. What we’ll be doing is betting very aggressively until we either hit our target or bust out, that is, lose all of the money in our account. Because this is a sticky bonus and cannot be withdrawn, we need to set a high target so that it’s very likely that we use the bonus amount to its full potential. If we were to deposit $200, receive $200 and only bet $1 per hand, it would be unlikely that we would ever use the bonus to produce a win because we would be wagering our own funds first.

We need to do a little math, but this is how it will work out. We will deposit $200 and receive a $200 bonus on top of that. We will then wager the entire amount on one hand of blackjack. If we win, we will then wager the entire amount again. We will keep playing this way until we reach a balance of $1600 or bust out. Since 25% of the time we will win $1200 because we’re essentially flipping a coin twice in a row, which has a 25% chance of occurring, and 75% of the time we’ll lose $200, our expected pre-wagering return is .25*1200-.75*200=150. This means we just captured 75% of the value of a bonus we can never withdraw!

In general, a sticky bonus will be worth the face value times the chance of busting out. For a 4x target balance, the chance of busting out is generally 75%. This is a good target and one that pros often use. But, unfortunately, we’re not completely done yet because we still have to wager the bonus 50x. Luckily, we’re able to play blackjack so we only expect to lose ($200*50)*1.005=$50. This is because the house edge for blackjack is just .5%, or 1.005. But that’s not the complete picture. Because we will bust out 75% of the time we’ll only be wagering roughly one fourth of that amount. This means we expect to lose only $12.50 while wagering, on average. Thus, we will realize $137.50 in profits on a $200 bonus that we can’t even withdraw!

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How to Start Playing Online Casino: Tips for Novice Gamblers /how-to-start-playing-online-casino-tips-for-novice-gamblers/ /how-to-start-playing-online-casino-tips-for-novice-gamblers/#respond Sat, 18 Feb 2017 12:16:45 +0000 /?p=3839 Online casinos can be a pain if you’re not familiar with the rules, betting, or just the general aspect of it all. If you’re new to the online casino world, consider taking a look at the tips in this article to help you become a successful and educated gambler. Though our tips won’t turn you into a casino legend over night, our goal is to help you to avoid the traps other novice gamblers have fallen victim to. Here are our top 7 tips:

Know the Game

One of the most important things to know before actually starting to play online casino is to know the game you’re going to be playing, as well as the basic strategies that come along with it. Usually, online casino websites offer a tutorial to players before they actually play a game. If you can’t seem to understand the rules and strategies provided by the tutorial, you can always search the vast amount of information the Internet provides for more information.

Take Your Time

A key component to playing any game is to take your time. The reason this is so is because there are a variety of different online casino games and each one has its own interface and graphics. You can fully learn the basics of the game better by giving yourself time to become familiar with specific situations that could arise in an online casino game. By taking this simple, yet crucial, tip you could save yourself a lot of frustration then by just jumping into the game.

Control Your Money

A basic rule of gambling, whether it be online or at a casino, is to control your money. Nobody wants to play online casinos and end up loosing a good portion of their bet every time. That’s why it’s important to be clear on how much you’d like to spend at online casinos every month without it affecting your everyday expenses. Try to stick to putting in the same bet regardless if you win or loose or the game you’re playing.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

It’s always a bad idea to play any type of game when you’re in a crummy mood. If you’re sad, angry, or tired you might want to pick a different time to play online casino. The reason we say this is because the game could turn into a serious danger when feeling any or all of these emotions especially with it being online. Try to play only when your mood is right.

Leave When You Have to Leave

Even if you’re in good spirits and extremely optimistic, you should always try to put a limit on how much you play and how much you spend per day. The game is meant to be fun and enjoyed, so if you see yourself getting frustrated it’s probably best to give it a break. One crucial part of playing online casino is to know when you’ve exhausted your stay; meaning that the game no longer poses any benefits, monetary or emotional wise. Set a time limit before you start playing and stick to it.

Real Money is not Always Involved

Believe it or not there are actually online casino games that offer you to play without having to use real money. This could be a good option for you if you don’t have extra money to spend but still want to enjoy the occasional online casino games. It’s also a considerably safer way to keep your real money in your pocket and not have to worry about the repercussions if you’ve spent a certain amount on the game.

Have Fun!

The reason you’re playing online casino in the first place is to have fun! Nothing should hinder you from doing so; not the money, people you play with, or even your own emotions. Regardless of anything, always remember that this is just a game and is meant to be enjoyed!

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What Are The Advantages Of Playing In Online Real Money Casinos? /what-are-the-advantages-of-playing-in-online-real-money-casinos/ /what-are-the-advantages-of-playing-in-online-real-money-casinos/#respond Wed, 15 Feb 2017 19:22:50 +0000 /?p=3833 Online casinos are everywhere these days, but they are not all made equal. Some casinos are large in size while others are small and may only have a few games that they allow their visitors to play. There are casinos that allow people to play with real money, such as any land-based casino that you may go to, but there are also practice casinos that don’t play for money but only allow a customer to be entertained. There is a huge difference between these two casinos, and there are always more advantages if you plan in a casino that has real money than playing in one with no money involved.

The reason why people like to play casinos is because they can win money, and this can put money in your pocket as well as allowing you to have fun. What most people do is go to one casino after another to find one that they are comfortable with, and they’ll sign up for the services as well as opening an account and depositing money. If you go to a casino to play and realize that they don’t have any real money flowing through the casino, then you are in a casino that’s strictly for fun.

A casino that’s for fun can still beneficial because it can help you to understand a game that you may want to play in a casino that requires money. Take advantage of these types of casinos when you can because you won’t have anything to lose, whereas playing in a casino that takes money means you have everything to lose. Many people will practice playing a specific game in a casino that doesn’t require money, and when they’re ready to really gamble, they go to a casino that takes money and will find the same type of game.

You can actually save yourself from losing more money if you choose to practice before going out to play with real money in an online casino, which not only gives you a better advantage over the game but may mean that you are more likely to win. Every game is based on chance, so there is never a guarantee that you will win money, but when you know the rules and regulations of the game you are playing, the likeliness of you beating the game becomes higher, giving you chance to win.

Other Online Gaming Advantages

Casinos that play with real money will have accounts available for their customers, which means that you can sign up with your name and identification to have your own personalized account. It’s likely that if you played in a casino that doesn’t require money, you may not have your own account and can only go to the website to play a game with no way to identify yourself. There’s nothing wrong if you can’t create an account on a website that doesn’t require money, but that means you can’t save your progress in the game.

Many people like having their progress saved or at least documented, which is another advantage of playing in an online casino. Many casinos will have a list of how much money you’ve paid into the games you are playing as well as how much money you’ve ever won and cashed out. The fact that your account keeps track of all of these things in an online casino that plays for money means that you may get perks that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Casinos that deal with money are willing to give you freebies that you will definitely want to go for.

Almost every casino will have some type of free bonuses that are given to new people who come to the casino as well as to those who stay around for a while and bet a lot of money. Many times, the more money you play in a casino, the more rewards you get. Playing in casinos that don’t require money is unlikely to get you any rewards, so when you want to win real money and really enjoy yourself, join a casino that allows you to bet cash, but play wisely.

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How to Deal With the Emotions of Losing at Online Casino Games /how-to-deal-with-the-emotions-of-losing-at-online-casino-games/ /how-to-deal-with-the-emotions-of-losing-at-online-casino-games/#respond Wed, 15 Feb 2017 11:18:11 +0000 /?p=3830 Online casino gaming has seen a recent boom. Some of the largest casino businesses in the world have invested billions to buy up online venues, also referred to as social casino games. Projections indicate that the industry will continue expanding rapidly as people become more comfortable with the idea of playing online games.

Just like in the world of real casinos, losing is invariably a consequence of playing games of chance. The number of people who would gamble has exploded since the availability of online casinos has increased. Since losing at the casino is always a distinct probability, how do people deal with the emotions surrounding losing money when they gamble online?

The Psychology of Losing

Depression and anxiety are the two most prevalent emotions associated with losing at online casino games. Like many situations that generate feelings of exhilaration from winning, these are the obvious consequences of losing.

People deal with these consequences in as many unique ways as there are personalities. Some people have the ability to walk away, while others experience intense feelings and emotions of depression and anxiety. This is where the emotions associated with losing can become a problem.

Anonymity – Nobody Knows You’re Losing

Anonymity is one of the most appealing aspects of online casino gaming, but it also means that the losses can be hidden from other people. While a depleted bank account is a sure sign that there is more losing than winning going on, hiding the reality is easier when the money is lost in cyberspace.

Rationalization of Losing

Because losing money online does not seem as real, the negative emotions of losing can fester subconsciously. Individuals who lose at online casinos will gradually become more anxious as the frequency of these loses increase.

When you’re in your own little world of cyber casinos, it’s much easier to rationalize the idea that the next game will be the big moneymaker. When the next game continues to multiply the amount of money lost, then the level of anxiousness will swell because you feel you can’t stop now. You are stuck in a mental circle where you can’t seem to stop.

Rationalization Leads to Anxiety – Then to Depression

When the online casino gamer continues to feel an unhealthy compulsion that the next game is going to produce that big windfall, but it never seems to happen, anxiety over the lost money begins to occur. If you allow the level of anxiousness to get out of hand, then the resulting consequence could evolve into a deepening depression over the lost finances.

When losing starts to bring out intense feelings of depression and other negative emotions, it is a signal that you should seek help. When the emotions of losing become this intense, the fun and enjoyment of playing becomes a potentially pathological problem.

How to Deal With the Emotions of Losing

There are a few simple suggestions that can prevent the negative emotions of losing at online casino games from getting out of hand. Here is a step by step progression of some things that should be considered.

1. Recognize Your Behaviors

Take the preventive steps that help you avoid the negative emotions associated with losing when playing online casino games by recognizing when they happen. Don’t try to suppress your feelings. If you’ve lost and feel anxious about your losses, then talk to someone about it. Avoid hiding behind the anonymous aspect of gambling online.

2. Avoid Rationalizing Your Losses

Watch that your losses don’t build to the point you’re putting your financial livelihood in jeopardy. Develop a rigid set of criteria to account for the money you are spending in online gaming. Set a budget for yourself and do not rationalize losses by assuming more games will eventually produce winnings; they may not.

3. Be Realistic

The whole thrill associated with playing is the idea of winning, but stay realistic; most people lose more often than they win. It’s just an inherent part of gambling games, whether you play online or at a real casino.
Understanding that losing is a reality of playing online casino games is an important step to appreciating the negative psychological effects that become problematic. If you do find that you are having an overwhelming prevalence of negative feelings and emotions from losing all the time, by all means seek professional advice.

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Online Casinos from Women’s Point of View /online-casinos-from-womens-point-of-view/ /online-casinos-from-womens-point-of-view/#respond Wed, 15 Feb 2017 03:14:47 +0000 /?p=3827 It was once thought that online casinos have less appeal to women than to their male counterparts. More recent evaluations prove that is no longer be the case. To the contrary, online gaming is gaining such interest among women that it is now more interesting to the fair sex than even drugs or alcohol. The most recent studies show that women are just as comfortable as men playing in online casinos.

The ladies appear to be more stable in their choice of casino games than men, who tend to change from one slot or game to another. Women, however, seem to know their favorites and to stick with them most of the time. They don’t constantly switch in pursuit of a more profitable machine. Their viewpoint seems to be based on their understanding that, in the long run, all slot machines are pretty much the same.

There is a common misperception that women would be more cautious, even timid, in their gaming behaviors. The ladies like exciting games and risky bets. When women make the decision to participate in gaming, they tend to place bets of average or greater size. They have little trepidation when it comes to the possibility of losing. The truth is, the more excitement they feel, the larger the risk they are willing to take. This would indicate that they gamble less for the goal of winning money and more for the sheer fun of the games and their risks.

A female gamer feels free to leave the online casino once she has experienced the diversion and enjoyment she seeks. There is none of the time spent analyzing and strategizing in which men are known to engage. The success of a gaming session isn’t the determining factor in a woman’s decision to end it. The ladies generally assume the attitude that it is better to quit with a more modest win than to continue to gamble simply in hopes of scoring a higher return on their investment.

As for losing, women don’t have the typical male mindset that pushes them to keep gambling when they’re losing, in an effort to regain what they’ve lost. Men often go beyond their own reasonable limits in pursuit of lost money. Female gamers do not generally throw caution to the wind to recoup losses. They will more likely stop at a more modest point, knowing that they can later return to the casino and possibly experience a change of fortune.

It is observable that women have a favorite when it comes to gambling online. They play slot machines more than they participate in other games. Bingo and video poker trail the slots in their preferences, and blackjack and roulette are not favored by the ladies online.

While, in most cases, women take fewer risks and behave with more moderation than male gamblers at online casinos, there is a growing problem of online gambling addiction among females. It has been suggested that this a tendency created by work stress. Women have found gambling from their home an escape preferable to the lack of control that would result from resorting to drinking or drugs. They seek a diversion to relieve the stress and online casinos provide the perfect outlet. The women can be at home with their families, quit the casino on a moment’s notice, and then suffer no lingering consequences from their activities.

Unfortunately, as the visits to the online casinos continue, women are falling into addictive gambling at an alarming rate. The percentage of calls to helplines show that about 33% of men calling in sought help with gambling addiction, while more than half of the calls from women dealt with the same issue. Women seeking help with gambling addiction come from all social strata and frequently include individuals who have experienced domestic abuse or harmful relationships. The preponderance of women with gambling problems are either single parents or women living alone.

It is interesting to note, therefore, that while women see online casinos as a safe and manageable alternative to other leisure activities, they must exercise caution regarding the role that the gambling assumes in their daily lives. Although they approach it often with more moderation than men, it can be very damaging to those who are vulnerable to its easy availability.

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